Baccarat card game – rules

Baccarat is a card type game that players often play at online casino and other sites. It is not too difficult, and victory depends largely on pure human luck.  Baccarat is a game whose rules are worth knowing. It allows you to play it more successfully and increase your chances of winning.

The key rules for beginners

  1. The game uses two decks. One of them is first kneaded by the player himself, and then the banker. The latter can move some cards to the end of the deck, but he must notify the players of this.
  2. Players are seated in random order, not on cards.
  3. The banker can be an individual on a permanent basis, or the banker can be someone of the players. And with each completion of the game such a player can change, that is, each time the banker will be a different person.
  4. Baccarat card game has a significant difference from other gambling of this type: most often, the rules do not impose restrictions on the number of players, so they can be an unlimited number, and they can go out or connect to the game at the allowed stages. However, in some varieties of this game is allowed no more than 14 players.
  5. When shuffling of cards is finished, one of players removes a deck at the request of banker.
  6. Delivery of cards begins. At first each player is given one card in the direction from left to right, then one more card in the direction from right to left. This way, all players and the banker receive two cards.
  7. The cards dealt only matter by the number of their points.
  8. Before receiving the cards, each player must place a sum of money next to him, which he puts down and risks losing. The banker doubles the amount put up.
  9. The goal of the game is to gain a winning combination of points. Nine points is taken as a victory.
  10. The game has numbers from 2 to 9, which are equivalent to the corresponding points. The ace is taken for 1 point. Figures and numbers 10 are equal to zero.
  11. Special rules apply to the presence of successful numbers at the banker: if he has 9, and it opened, it will take all bets of players, even if someone had a layout similar to the banker himself. If he has 8, but one of the players has 9, then the banker takes all bets from all the players, except for this by paying him a bet. If several players have 9, the payout will be given to each of them.
  12. After the cards are opened, the points are counted and the winner is determined by the number of points.
  13. The principle of determining the winner is simple: the one who scores 9 points wins and receives the payout. It is important to consider the banker. He pays out only to those who have more points than he has. If a player has fewer points, the banker takes his bet for himself. If several players have the same number as the banker, all bets will be added up and the players will be paid the same amount divided between them.
  14. The number of points 10 is called baccarat and when counting the points it is calculated in a certain way: if the sum of points equals or exceeds ten, then ten is deducted from the sum and only the balance is taken into account when counting the points.
  15. An important point to consider is the issue of a third card. This happens when a player has scored 0 to 5 points for the first two cards. If you score more than 5 points, you will not receive a third card. If a banker has scored between 0 and 4 points for the first two cards, a third card will be issued. If the banker has more than 5 points, the third card will not be issued. If the banker has exactly 5 points, then the third card may or may not be issued. The decision in this case depends on the situation with the players.

Now you know how to play baccarat. By following these simple rules, you will be able to play this game with success and pleasure in pleasant company. If luck will smile at you, then on top of that you will definitely be the winner. Or you can try free casino games to enjoy the excitement without spending your money.