Over 70% of Industry Profits Come From Online Slot Machines

The fifth rule we are going to tell you about is regarding slots. These online machines are a literal goldmine for online casino operators. Studies show that around 70 percent of the industry’s profits come from online slot games. So use this knowledge when you pick games.

Gambling Elements

Blackjack has an element of skill about it, as does poker. So while there is luck involved, your chances of winning are affected by your decisions. This cannot be said of slots. It is effectively totally random whether you win or lose. They may be choice involved when it comes to feature elements on online gambling sites, but slots, in general, are very hard to win on.

Some people, of course, will have more luck than others on slots. Gambling on slots is therefore not always a bad idea. But just keep in mind that the casino operators make huge profits here. So even if the possible amount you can win is absolutely massive, compare that to the amount of money being made out of the customers. Stick to slots with a high return to player rate. 


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